The Complete Lyrics of P. G. Wodehouse

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Januar 2004



A key figure in the theatrical life of his time, P. G. Wodehouse wrote hundreds of songs and transformed the medium of the Broadway musical. This comprehensive volume collects all of Wodehouse's lyrics and provides fascinating insight into his role in the theatre and his writing process. Filled with illustrations and photos from the period, this volume will delight all fans of Wodehouse and of Broadway.


Barry Day is the author or editor of numerous books and plays. In June 2004 he was awarded the O.B.E. in the Queen's birthday Honours List.


Before Larry Hart, only P. G. Wodehouse has made any assault on the intelligence of the song-listening public... Larry always said he was 'inspired' by Wodehouse. -- Richard Rodgers One day, in fifty, a hundred years' time, the words of Porter, Hart, Wodehouse, Gershwin, Coward, maybe a few of my own, will be published, recited, analyzed, codified. -- Johnny Mercer Wodehouse is the father of the modern theatre lyric, and it is a true delight to read as well as sing his marvelous creations. Ira Gershwin idolized him, and it is easy to understand why. -- Michael Feinstein The Complete Lyrics of P. G. Wodehouse is a wonderful way to get acquainted with one of the forefathers of musical theater. Talkinbroadway.Com Ira Gershwin would have loved this book. Not only was P. G. Wodehouse one of his literary heroes, but to Ira he was also a master lyricist... All who cherish the best of musical theatre should be grateful to Barry Day for gathering together and sharing with us this treasure trove of wit and sensibility. -- Robert Kimball Musical Theatre Historian
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