Strategic Planning Systems in Hospitality and Tourism

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September 1998



With the trend toward an increasingly global economy, strategic planning is an active area of research. However, little attention has been paid to strategic planning in hospitality and tourism. This book fills the gap. It demonstrates, using international examples and detailed case studies, how the concepts, tools, and techniques of the strategic planning process can be applied to hospitality and tourism management. It examines the entire process at both the corporate and strategic business unit level and contains the latest empirical research, integrating theory with practice. The authors also discuss two diagnostic tools they have developed to measure efficiency, the strategic planning index (SPI) and the marketing planning index (MPI).


The relevance of strategic planning systems; the hospitality and tourism industry - a strategic perspective; the strategic planning process; strategic planning and performance; strategic planning systems; the strategic planning index; the marketing planning index; designing and implementing effective strategic planning systems.
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