Functional Neuroscience

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An integrated textbook of medical neuroscience, this book will make a coherent presentation of anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry of the human nervous system. The neuroanatomy will be presented in a way that is integrated with a modern presentation of cellular neurophysiological systems, neuroscience, and cellular, molecular, and developmental neuroscience. Clinical correlations will be provided wherever appropriate.


I The Ground Plan of the Nervous System.- 1. Ground Plan of the Nervous System I Principles of Central Nervous System Development.- 2. Ground Plan of the Nervous System II Levels of the Neuraxis.- 3. Central Nervous System Vasculature, Blood-Brain Barrier, and Cerebrospinal Fluid.- 2 Cellular Basis of Neuronal Signaling.- 4. Cell Biology of Neurons.- 5. Cell Biology of Glia.- 6. Presynaptic Mechanisms Underlying Neurotransmitter Synthesis, Storage, Release and Inactivation.- 7. Postsynaptic Mechanisms: Neurotransmitter Receptors and Signal Transduction Cascades.- 8. Neuronal Integration.- 3 The Somatosensory System.- 9. Somatic Sensation I Peripheral Receptors and Primary Afferent Neurons.- 10. Somatic Sensation II Ascending Pathways From the Spinal Cord and Brainstem to the Thalamus.- 11. Somatic Sensation III The Physiology of Somatic Sensation.- 12. Somatic Sensation IV Pain.- 4 The Motor System.- 13. Motor System I The Anatomical Organization of the Motor System.- 14. Motor System II Segmental Control of Movement: The Motor Unit and Segmental Reflexes.- 15. Motor System III Supraspinal Control of Movement.- 16. The Basal Ganglia.- 17. Role of the Cerebellum in Motor Function.- 5 The Visual System.- 18. Visual System I The Retina.- 19. Visual System II Central Pathways That Mediate Visual Perception.- 20. Visual System III Visual Neurophysiology and Visual Perception.- 21. Visual System IV Visual Afferent Pathways That Control Eye Movement and Ocular Reflexes.- 6 The Auditory System.- 22. Auditory System I The Ear and the Auditory Receptive Apparatus in the Cochlea.- 23. Auditory System II Central Auditory Pathways.- 24. Auditory System III Auditory Neurophysiology and Auditory Perception.- 7 The Vestibular System.- 25. The Vestibular System.- 8 The Chemical Senses.- 26. The Chemical Senses.- 9 The Autonomic Nervous System.- 27. The Autonomic Nervous System.- 10 The Hypothalamus and Limbic System: Substrates of Motivation, Emotion, and Memory.- 28. The Hypothalamus Coordination of Visceral Operation and the Behaviors That Maintain Bodily Homeostasis.- 29. The Limbic System Circuits that Underlie Affect and Memory.- 11 Arousal, Attention, Consciousness.- 30. Modulatory Systems of the Brainstem.- 31. Higher Cortical Functions, Localization of Function, and Regulation of Consciousness.
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