Conquerors' Road: An Eyewitness Report of Germany 1945

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Account of World War II from the articles of one of the war's finest correspondents.


Part I. The Winter Offensive; Part II. Springtime in Germany; Part III. Inside Hitler's Reich; Part IV. The Aftermath; Part V. Questions and Reflections.


Osmar White is regarded as one of Australia's finest war correspondents. His account of the New Guinea campaign in 1942 and 1943, Green Armour, is a classic. In late 1944, Sir Keith Murdoch sent White to Europe for the Herald & Weekly Times group. He was attached to the US Third Army, under General George Patton, and it was this assignment that gave birth to Conqueror's Road.


'Osmar White was not only one of the finest correspondents of the Second World War but a visionary writer and philosopher of courage and conviction. If you care about the future of civilisation then you must read this extraordinary book.' Phillip Knightley 'Conquerors' Road is compelling reading: candid and immediate, full of vivid witness detail, but inquiring and sceptical.' Philippa Hawker, The Age 'This book ought surely be considered a key document in the literature of the war and the Holocaust.' Tina Kane, Quadrant 'This highly personal account of the death agonies of Hitler's Third Reich is war reporting at its absolute best. White was one of Australia's finest war correspondents and the publishing of this memoir opens a fascinating time capsule of contemporary reporting on remarkable events.' Tim Bowden 'The writing is just excellent ... I had not heard of Osmar White until I read this book but I will seek out his other writings now. He has provided a concise report which brings alive his part of the war. It seems to me to be as fresh as the day it was written and if this is a period which interests you or you are involved in reconstructing nations, then buy this book. It is a significant commentary from a skilled observer.' British Army Review
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