Teaching Science in Zimbabwe using Shona

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Februar 2015



This book is a must read for all serious and effective science teachers in particular and all educationist in general. The book breathes a new lease of life and perspective in educational instruction in the developing world. It demonstrates crystal clearly how the learners' first language can be used to effectively teach Science. Gone are the days when teachers and students laboured under the yoke of teaching and learning through foreign languages. The approach is client friendly and can be adopted and adapted to teach any other subject.


Dr. Nyaungwa is a seasoned teacher, administrator, and academic with a 29 year teaching career. He has been school Principal for 10 years and has vast experience teaching at Primary, secondary and tertiary levels. He is a holder of C.E.(UZ) and B.A;Hons B.A;M.A. and D.Litt et Phil.
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