Wine Country Europe

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November 2005



There is no better way to enjoy wine than at its source, and it is in Europe, the birthplace of wine, that you can find still the most beautiful vineyards in the world. Wine Country Europe is a dream tour of the Old World's most celebrated regions, from the famed areas of France and Italy to lesser-known discoveries in Austria and Hungary. These breathtakingly picturesque wineries make for perfect travel destinations, and in full-color photographs throughout, the book reveals the amazing variety of landscapes that foster vineyards throughout the continent. The authors, both Italian natives, give insider's tips on which vintners give the most entertaining tours, what to ask for in the tasting rooms, and how you can experience firsthand the terroir that makes each region unique. Each of the twenty chapters focuses on a particular region and includes not just descriptions of the wineries and labels, but also recommendations for nearby restaurants, hotels, and attractions. Whether indulging in armchair travel or embarking for a real trip of tasting and touring, Wine Country Europe offers an irresistible look at Europe's most inviting wineries.


Ornella D'Alessio is a journalist and the author of many guides and books on food and wine. Her articles have appeared in many travel monthlies and newspapers. Marco Santini has spent a lifetime travelling around the world, due to a curiosity to discover its most unknown of corners and in order to report for the principal national newspapers and magazines. Spurred by a great love of wines, he has attended various wine tasting schools. Being both photographer and journalist, he is the author of numerous guides.
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