Rethinking Social Policy

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Rethinking Social Policy is a comprehensive introduction to, and analysis of, the complex mixture of problems and possibilities within the study of social policy.
Contributors at the cutting edge of social policy analysis reflect upon the implications of new social and theoretical movements for welfare and the study of social policy. Topics covered include: criminology and crime control; race, class and gender; poverty and sexuality; the body and the emotions; violence; work and welfare in Europe. Examples are drawn from a variety of welfare sectors such as: social services and community care, health, education, employment, and criminal justice.
This is a course reader for The Open University course (D860) Rethinking Social Practice.


Introduction - Gail Lewis
Expanding the Social Policy Imaginary
Gender and the Analysis of Social Policy - Ruth Lister
Gender and Welfare Regimes - Jane Lewis
The Social Relations of Care - Tom Shakespeare
Foucault and the Study of Social Policy - Sophie Watson
Constituting Welfare Subjects through Poverty and Sexuality - Jean Carabine
Constructing Gendered and Racialized Identities - Ann Phoenix
Young Men, Masculinities and Educational Policy
Children as Welfare Subjects in Restructured Social Policy - Sharon Pinkney
Social Policy and the Body - Julia Twigg
Social Policy and the Emotions - Paul Hoggett
Class and Social Policy - Gerry Mooney
From the KWNS to the SWPR - Bob Jessop
New Approaches to Comparative Social Policy - Lynne Poole
The Changing Face of Central and Eastern European Welfare
A World of Difference? Globalization and the Study of Social Policy - John Clarke
Decriminalizing Criminology - John Muncie
Crime Control, Social Policy and Liberalism - Kevin Stenson
Rethinking Violence, Rethinking Social Policy - Elizabeth Stanko
Discursive Histories, the Pursuit of Multiculturalism and Social Policy - Gail Lewis
The Demise of Professional Self-Regulation - Celia Davies
A Moment to Mourn
Exchange and the Metaphor of Exchange - Maureen Mackintosh
Economic Cultures in Social Care
Social Justice, New Labour and School Reform - Sharon Gewirtz
Redefining Work and Welfare in Europe - Jane Pillinger
New Perspectives on Work, Welfare and Time
Principals of Recognition and Respect in Welfare - Fiona Williams


`...several "student-friendly" features...It is, though, the range of topics explored in this volume, which distinguishes it from others in the field, and renders it a particularly valuable resource for students' - Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
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