Computer Control of Fermentation Processes

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The purpose of this volume is to describe the components, assembly, and implementation of computer-based process control systems. Presented in two sections, it illustrates how such systems have been used to monitor and control industrial fermentation processes as a means to improve our understanding of product biosynthesis. This book covers the fields of indirect parameter estimation and fermentation-specific control algorithms. It also includes chapters which describe system architecture and process application, process control, on-line liquid sampling and computer system architecture. This is an ideal source for anyone involved with biotechnology, bioengineering, microbial technology, chemical engineering, and computer control.


Traditional Sensors. "Novel" Sensors for the Monitoring of Fermentation Processes. Automatic Fermentor Sampling and Stream Analysis. Indirect Parameter Estimation. Data Acquisition and Control Systems. Supervisory Computer Systems. Control Strategies for Fermentation Processes. Biological Modeling. Implementation of the Custom Built Fermentation Computer System at Eli Lilly and Company. The Application of Computer Control to Improve Fermentation Processes. Automating Batch Fermentations. Development of a Distributed Fermentor Process Control System. Computer Control of Recombinant Microbial Fermentations. On-Line Fermentor Sampling and HPLC Analysis. Upgrading an Existing Pilot Plant to Computer Monitoring and Control. 364 pp., 7x10, l990, ISBN 0-8493-5496-X. Features:
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