Watercourse Co-Operation in Northern Europe: A Model for the Future

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Januar 2011



One of the problems in global water management is the sharing of watercourses by neighbouring countries, a situation that continues to lead to many long-lasting conflicts. The authors of this book make a valuable contribution to ongoing attempts to find sustainable solutions to this problem and to the debate on global water scarcity in general. They examine the law and practice relating to co-operation between Finland, Sweden and Norway with respect to international watercourses, and provide an analysis of numerous bilateral and multilateral instruments, which demonstrate that even between States with different political and social systems and different policy goals, co-operation with respect to water can also be beneficial to all parties. The authors also examine the wider regional co-operation between these Nordic countries and Russia; co-operation which provides a blueprint for watercourse co-operation in other regions of the world. This book will appeal to both practitioners and academics.


The Law of the Navigational and Non-Navigational Use of International Watercourses.- International Watercourses and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Saami of Lapland and Finnmark.- Northern European Co-Operation Regarding Watercourses.- Northern European Watercourse Institutions.- Nordic Watercourse Co-Operation and the Sustainable Use of Water.- Concluding Remarks.


Department of Law, Queen Mary, University of London. Legal adviser with the UN Compensation Commission, Geneva.

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