From Taoism to Einstein: Ki and Ri in Chinese and Japanese Thought

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Juni 2005



Developed over many years, Olof Lidin here offers a survey of Confucian thought, Chinese and Japanese, with a new theme that ends up with a conclusion that links early Taoist philosophy and modern rational thought.


Acknowledgements and Thanks; Prologue; I. SURVEY OF THE NEO-CONFUCIAN ORTHODOXY; Introduction;
1. The Neo-Confucian Doctrine;
2. Investigation of and Knowledge of ri;
3. The Origin and Development of the ri Thought;
4. The Original ki thought;
5. How do ri and ki relate to each other?;
6. Confucius and Mencius;
7. The Development of Neo- Confucian Thought in China;
8. Chu His;
9. Wang Yang-ming;
10. Heaven and the Way;
11. Goodness or Benevolence (jen);
12. Human Nature and kokoro;
13. Taoism and Buddhism;
14. Learning and Quiet Sitting;
15. Neo-Confucian Thought in Statecraft;
16. Neo-Confucian Historical (ki) Realism;
17. Later Chinese and Japanese ri-ki Thought; II. SURVEY OF CONFUCIAN INTELLECTUALS IN TOKUGAWA JAPAN; Introduction; 1. Fujiwara Seika; 2. Matsunaga Sekigo; 3. Hayashi Razan; 4. Nakae Toju; 5. Kumazawa Banzan; 6. Yamazaki Ansai; 7. The Historians; 8. Kaibara Ekken; 9. The Ancient School Thinkers; 10. Arai Hakuseki; 11. Muro Kyuso; 12. Practical Studies; 13. Setchu-ha and Eighteenth-century Confucianism; 14. The Kaitokudo Scholars; 15. Kokugaku (Nativism) and Confucian Thought; 16. The Mito Thought; 17. Rational Thought;
18. The Rangaku Scholars;
19. Confucian Scholars in the late Tokugawa era;
20. Yamagata Banto;
21. Political and Economic Thought in late Tokugawa;
22. "Open Country Compromisers", Late Tokugawa Reformists;
23. The Meiji Era and the Twentieth Century;
24. Okada Takehiko; III CONCLUSIONS; Epilogue; Bibliography; Glossary; Index


Olof Lidin, Professor Emeritus, University of Copenhagen, and former head of the university's department of Japanese Studies, considers From Taoism to Einstein as the culmination of a life's research and study in this field. He is also well known for his work on Ogyu Sorai, the Tokugawa Philosopher, and has published widely on the subject, including The Life of Ogyu Sorai - A Tokugawa Philosopher and Ogyu Sorai's Journey to Kai in 1706. More recently, he published Tanegashima - The Arrival of Europe in Japan. He was President of the European Association of Japanese Studies (1982-85) and in 1996 was honoured with a Festschrift, entitled Florilegium Japonicum. Studies presented to Olof G.Lidin on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday. He continues to lecture regularly in Europe, the United States and Japan.

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