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Modelling and predicting how porous media deform when subjected to external actions and physical phenomena, including the effect of saturating fluids, are of importance to the understanding of geophysics and civil engineering (including soil and rock mechanics and petroleum engineering), as well as in newer areas such as biomechanics and agricultural engineering.
Starting from the highly successful First Edition, Coussy has completely re-written Mechanics of Porous Continua/Poromechanics to include:
* New material for:
* Partially saturated porous media
* Reactive porous media
* Macroscopic electrical effects
* A single theoretical framework to the subject to explain the interdisciplinary nature of the subject
* Exercises at the end of each chapter to aid understanding
The unified approach taken by this text makes it a valuable addition to the bookshelf of every PhD student and researcher in civil engineering, petroleum engineering, geophysics, biomechanics and material science.


1. Deformation and Kinematics. Mass Balance.
1.1 The Porous Medium and the Continuum Approach.
1.2 The Skeleton Deformation.
1.3 Kinematics.
1.4 Mass Balance.
1.5 Advanced Analysis.
2. Momentum Balance. Stress Tensor.
2.1 Momentum Balance.
2.2 The Stress Tensor.
2.3 Equation ofMotion.
2.4 Kinetic Energy Theorem.
2.5 Advanced Analysis.
3. Thermodynamics.
3.1 Thermostatics of Homogeneous Fluids.
3.2 Thermodynamics of Porous Continua.
3.3 Conduction Laws.
3.4 Constitutive Equations of the Skeleton.
3.5 Recapitulating the Laws.
3.6 Advanced Analysis.
4. Thermoporoelasticity.
4.1 Non-linear Thermoporoelastic Skeleton.
4.2 Linear Thermoporoelastic Skeleton.
4.3 Thermoporoelastic Porous Material.
4.4 Advanced Analysis.
5. Problems of Poroelasticity.
5.1 Linearized Poroelasticity Problems.
5.2 Solved Problems of Poroelasticity.
5.3 Thermoporoelasticity Problems.
5.4 Advanced Analysis.
6. Unsaturated Thermoporoelasticity.
6.1 Mass andMomentum Balance.
6.2 Thermodynamics.
6.3 Capillary Pressure Curve.
6.4 Unsaturated Thermoporoelastic Constitutive Equations.
6.5 Heat and Mass Conduction.
6.6 Advanced Analysis.
7. Penetration Fronts.
7.1 Dissolution Fronts.
7.2 Solute Penetration with Non-linear Binding.
7.3 Ionic Migration with Non-linear Binding.
7.4 Advanced Analysis.
8. Poroplasticity.
8.1 Poroplastic Behaviour.
8.2 Ideal Poroplasticity.
8.3 Hardening Poroplasticity.
8.4 Usual Models of Poroplasticity.
8.5 Advanced Analysis.
9. Poroviscoelasticity.
9.1 Poroviscoelastic Behaviour.
9.2 Functional Approach to Linear Poroviscoelasticity.
9.3 Primary and Secondary Consolidation.
9.4 Advanced Analysis.
A. Differential Operators.
A.1 Orthonormal Cartesian Coordinates.
A.2 Cylindrical Coordinates.
A.3 Spherical Coordinates.


"...provides a unified approach to the fundamental concepts of continuum poromechanics..." (CAB Abstracts)
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