Fundamentals of Applied Probability and Random Processes

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This book is based on the premise that engineers use probability as a modeling tool, and that probability can be applied to the solution of engineering problems. Engineers and students studying probability and random processes also need to analyze data, and thus need some knowledge of statistics. This book is designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in probability and stochastic processes, demonstrate their applicability to real-world problems, and introduce the basics of statistics. The book's clear writing style and homework problems make it ideal for the classroom or for self-study. * Good and solid introduction to probability theory and stochastic processes * Logically organized; writing is presented in a clear manner * Choice of topics is comprehensive within the area of probability * Ample homework problems are organized into chapter sections


Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Basic Probability Concepts Chapter 2 Random Variables Chapter 3 Moments of Random Variables Chapter 4 Special Probability Distributions Chapter 5 Multiple Random Variables Chapter 6 Functions of Random Variables Chapter 7 Transform Methods Chapter 8 Introduction to Random Processes Chapter 9 Linear Systems with Random Inputs Chapter 10 Some Models of Random Processes Chapter 11 Introduction to Statistics Appendix 1: Table for the CDF of the Standard Normal Random Variable


Dr Ibe has been teaching at U Mass since 2003. He also has more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, most recently as Chief Technology Officer at Sineria Networks and Director of Network Architecture for Spike Broadband Corp.


"Each chapter is broken down into small subunits, making this a useful reference book as well as a textbook. The material is presented clearly, and solved problems are included in the text." --MAA Reviews
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