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We can't escape the effects of the forces we set in motion.In her last year at the university in Kiev and shortly before she is to take her final examinations, the narrator of this novel is persuaded by her roommate to go for a cruise on a large lake north of the city. While her friends dance in the ballroom below ship, the young woman stands on deck, enjoying the tranquil evening. Sixty miles away a nuclear reactor explodes.Who is going to defend himself against something that approaches invisibly? Soundlessly? That can neither be smelled nor felt?In the days that follow, the official version of events minimizes the risks. Conflicting instructions are issued; people are warned to stay indoors, yet reassured that there is no danger. Reports of the death toll are revised from two thousand to a mere twenty, then back again. Rumors proliferate; there is panic. Denial and deception characterize the public pronouncements.<P" could have had no inkling of the insurmountable divide that would subsequently rise between the "before" and the "after."


George Olaf Klein was born in 1955 in the former East Berlin. He has published stories, novels, and radio plays in his native Germany; he recently spent a year as a writer-in-residence at Pennsylvania's Dickinson College. Margot Bettauer Dembo is an editor at the American Museum of Natural History and is the translator of "Triumph of Hope," "Europa, Europa," and "Lost in a Labyrinth of Red Tape."
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