Computational Complexity

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April 2008



A conceptual introduction to modern topics in complexity for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.


1. Introduction and preliminaries; 2. P, NP and NP-completeness; 3. Variations on P and NP; 4. More resources, more power?; 5. Space complexity; 6. Randomness and counting; 7. The bright side of hardness; 8. Pseudorandom generators; 9. Probabilistic proof systems; 10. Relaxing the requirements; Epilogue; A. Glossary of complexity classes; B. On the quest for lower bounds; C. On the foundations of modern cryptography; D. Probabilistic preliminaries and advanced topics in randomization; E. Explicit constructions; F. Some omitted proofs; G. Some computational problems.


Oded Goldreich is a Professor of Computer Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science and an Incumbent of the Meyer W. Weisgal Professorial Chair. He is an editor for the SIAM Journal on Computing, the Journal of Cryptology, and Computational Complexity and previously authored the books Modern Cryptography, Probabalistic Proofs and Pseudorandomness and the two-volume work Foundations of Cryptography.


"This interesting book... is refreshing to read his [Goldreichs'] opinions... The very strong focus on conceptual issues makes the book indispensible as a reference volume for research libraries." M. Bona, University of Florida, CHOICE "This book provides very well developed material that should interest advanced students either studying or doing new work on computational complexity. It would also be a valuable text for professionals challenged with solving "hard" computing problems of intending to exploit these types of problems when designing of new types computing systems." Brian A. Lawler, Software Engineering Notes "The book offers a conceptual perspective on several sub-areas of complexity theory and is intended to be used as a textbook for students and educators as well as for experts who seek an overview of of several sub-areas." Gerhard Lischke, Mathematical Reviews
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