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In Understand Electronics, Owen Bishop covers the basics needed in all the main areas of electronics with a jargon-free, informative style, and numerous illustrations. An essential book for the newcomer to electronics, this highly practical guide provides a thorough introduction to practical electronics and the basic principles of electronic components and circuitry. Owen Bishop, a leading international electronics author, takes a step-by-step approach, employing the minimum of mathematics, to create a text that is ideal for the student or enthusiast who has little previous knowledge of the subject area but wishes to find out more. The new edition has been thoroughly updated throughout, with many new illustrations and coverage of recent advances in electronics, including a chapter on microcontrollers" the simple programmable devices that are transforming electronics project work. A new section on test equipment reinforces the practical emphasis of the book. A practical guide made highly accessible through clear explanations and numerous illustrationsAssumes little previous knowledge of the subject area or mathematical backgroundCovers the basics needed in all the main areas of electronics


Introduction; Electrons and electricity; E.M.F. and potential; Resistance; Capacitance; Inductance; Simple circuits; Semiconduction; Transistors; Semiconductor circuits; Power control circuits; Sensors and transducers; Optoelectronic sensors; Light sources and displays; Test equipment; From components to circuits; Oscillating circuits; Amplifying circuits; Operational amplifiers; Logic circuits; Audio electronics; Computers; Microcontrollers; Telecommunications; Microwaves; Medical electronics; Electronics in industry; Electronics and the future; Index


Author of over 70 books, mostly electronic and many in the field of science education. Contributor to numerous electronic magazines such as Everyday Practical Electronics, Elektor Electronics, Electronics Australia and Electronics Today International. Former Science Education Advisor in developing countries as staff member of the British Council and as a part of the UN Educational and Scientific Organisation.


Review of previous edition: 'This is an essential guide for the newcomer to electronics.' Elektor Electronics
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