Indigenous Knowledge Creation Methodology Analysis

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Dezember 2011



The first session will focus on the critical review of the study conducted in 2005 that focussed on the survival strategies of the unemployed workers of which was also recorded through a digital video data. In addition, the paper will look at ethnography in relation to reflexive sociological craft in consideration of the experiences of the above mentioned study. Therefore, this session look at various scholars that contributed towards improvement of ethnography that resulted in formulation of different theories. Furthermore, It will also revisit theories such as the constructivism theory (Marcus, 1995) and epistemologically reflexive (Foley, 2002) in relation to information creation processes and as well as the different types of ethnography. Lastly, it will look at challenges and opportunities that come with reflexive sociological craft such as usage of unconventional ways such as usage of video machine in production of knowledge and presentation (Marcus, 1995). In addition, the paper will explore different views from ethnography practitioners and also utilizes the 2005 study as the bases of reviewing what other practitioners in this field have discovered.


He is a South African [Azanian], a social activist, a former unionist and a researcher on livelihoods of the marginalized populace. He is currently lecturing in the Centre for Industrial, Organisation and Labour Studies at University of KwaZulu-Natal and also a PhD candidate at University of South Africa.
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