Fishes and Forestry

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Fisheries and forestry share many of the same environmental requirements and functional processes essential for their long-term sustainability. Understanding fishery and forestry resources, and wise use of these resources is key to their long-term sustainability. Achieving this goal of sustainability depends on sound and complete knowledge of the biology and ecology of the fishes and trees found in the watersheds jointly supporting both. Authors Northcote and Hartman provide this knowledge and background in the book Fishes and Forestry. Including case studies from all over the globe, this text thoroughly examines the commercially important, and environmentally sensitive connections between fisheries and forestry. Fishes and Forestry examines the current situation in varying ecosystems and how new practices will affect connections between these two areas.


Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Contributors. Part I: Introduction. 1. An introductory overview of fish-forestry interactions (T.G. Northcote and G.F. Hartman). Part II: Ecology of the Systems. 2. Forest ecology (J.P. Kimmins). 3. Elements of stream ecosystem process (G.F. Hartman and R.E. Bilby). 4. Fundamentals of lake ecology relevant to fish-forestry interactions (T.G. Northcote). 5. Fundamental aspects of estuarine ecology relevant to fish-forestry interactions (T.G. Northcote and M.C. Healey). Part III: Fish Biology and Ecology. 6. Fish life history variation and stock diversity in forested watersheds (T.G. Northcote). 7. Fish migration and passage in forested watersheds (T.G. Northcote and S.G. Hinch). 8. Aspects of fish reproduction and some implications of forestry activities (G.F. Hartman and T.E. McMahon). 9. Foraging ecology: from the fish to the forest (M. Karagosian and N.H. Ringler). Part IV: Forestry Activities. 10. Forest harvest and transportation (P.Schies and F. Krogstad). 11. Silviculture (J.E. Barker). 12. Manufacturing Processes and their impact on effluent discharges (N. McCubbin, E.R. Hall and K.J. Hall). Part V: Forestry Effects on Aquatic Systems and Fishes. 13. Effects of forest management activities' on watershed processes (G.F. Hartman). 14. Effects of Forestry on the limnology and fishes of lakes (T.G. Northcote, M. Rask adn J. Leggett). 15. Effects of forestry on estuarine ecosystems supporting fishes (C.D. Levings and T.G. Northcote). 16. Environmental effects of Effluents from pulp and paper mills (K.R. Munkittrick). Part VI: North American Fish-Forestry Interactions. 17. Fish-Forestry interactions in Oregon, Washington and Alaska, USA (J.D. Hall, C.J. Cederholm, M.L. Murphy and KV. Koski). 18. Fish-forestry interaction research in coastal British Columbia - the Carnation Creek and Queen Charlotte Islands Studies. 19. Forestry and Fish in the boreal region of Canada (R.J. Steedman, W.M. Tonn, C.A. Paszkowski and G. J. Scrimgeour). 20. Fish-forestry interactions in freshwaters of Atlantic Canada (R.A. Cunjak, R.A. Curry, D.A. Scruton and K.D. Clarke). 21. Interactions between forests and fish in the Rocky Mountains of the USA (K.D. Fausch and M.K. Young). 22. Fish-forestry interface: an overview of Mexico (A. Sanchez-Veleez and R.M. Garcia-Nunez). Part VII: Non-north American Fish-Forestry Interactions. 23. Fishes-forestry interactions in tropical South America (C.A.R.M. Araujo-Lima, N. Higuchi and W.Barrella). 24. Europe - with special reference to Scandiniavia and the British Isles(D.T. Crisp, T. Eriksson adn A. Peter). 25. Freshwater fishes and forests in Japan (M. Inoue and F. Nakamura). 26. Fish-forest harvesting interactions in perhumid and monsoonal southeast Asia (Sundaland) (J.H,. Dick and K.Martin-Smith). 27. Regional case studied in fish-forest harvesting interactions: Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo and Cambodia (J.H. Dick and K.Martin-Smith). 28. Interactions: mangroves, fisheries and forestry management in Indonesia (D.G. Bengen and I.M. Dutton). 29. Forestry interactions - New Zealand (B.J. Hicks, G.J. Glova and M.J. Duncan). 30. Australia (W.D. Erskine and J.H. Harris). Part VIII: Effecting Better Fish-Forestry Interactions. 31. Guidelines, Codes and Legislation (K. Moore and G. Bull). 32. Forest Management and watershed restoration: repairing past damage is part of the future (G.F. Hartman). 33. Better and broader professional, worker and public education in fish-forestry interaction (T.G. Northcote and J.D. Hall). 34. Towards a new fish-forestry interaction in the world's watersheds (T.G. Northcote and G.F. Hartman). Index.


"A casual glance at the Preface of this truly remarkable book highlights the dedication and enthusiasm by which the two editors, Professors Northcote and Hartman, have approached the writing and organization of this 'landmark' publication. They have drawn together over 56 experts from around the world to contribute to this extensive text. As a major reference and research text within the subject it is likely to become a classic and is certainly recommended for purchase by libraries, research establishments researchers and advanced level students who have an interest in fisheries, forestry and/or ecology." The Bulletin, British Ecological Society, November 2004 "For most regions of the world, the scientific literature describing the linkage between fishes and forests is scattered... To fill this void, Northcote and Hartman mobilized more than four dozen fish and forest experts from around the world... Assembling such a group,...editing disparate manuscripts into a cohesive writing style, and producing a reader-friendly book is a monumental task... The editors have done these tasks very well. In summary, this book makes a significant contribution to the science and natural resource management literature. Its worldwide perspective is an especially important feature. The editors are to be lauded for...producing a book that is well integrated, consistently written, and refreshingly comprehensive. ...a first class book." Environmental Reviews (National Research Council Canada), December 2004 The editors and authors of Fishes and Forestry have provided the first global perspective on fish-forestry interactions. This book is essential reading for any scientist, resource manager, or member of the public interested in forested landscapes. Every university and resource training center should have copies available for the scientists and resource managers of the future. Bioscience (Journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences), Vol 55, August 2005 "Fishes and Forestry is truly a landmark publication." Bois et Forets des Tropiques Vol 282 (4) 2004
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