From Sheldon to Secker: Aspects of English Church History 1660 1768

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Norman Sykes was among the greatest church historians of the twentieth century and many scholars regard From Sheldon to Secker as perhaps his finest and most enduring work. Based on the Ford Lectures given in Oxford in 1958, From Sheldon to Secker is a penetrating analysis of what Professor Sykes describes as the single 'most influential epoch of English church history between the Reformation and the Victorian age'. Professor Sykes draws upon the scholarship of a lifetime in assessing these developments, and these challenges, and From Sheldon to Secker remains essential, and engaging, reading for all students of what would now be called the long eighteenth century.


Preface; 1. The rebuilding of Sion; 2. The eclipse of convocation; 3. Comprehension versus toleration; 4. Godly union and concord; 5. True religion and sound learning; 6. Quieta non movenda; Bibliography; Index.
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