Fighting for Mental Health: A Personal View

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A collection of insights into the core concerns for modern psychiatry from one of the world's best-respected psychiatrists.


Part I. The Context of Health and Mental Health Programmes: 1. Updating 1789; 2. Doubts about three of the many dogmas of development; 3. Overlaps and confusions; 4. Nearly forgotten: mental health needs of an urbanized planet; 5. The Mozart effect and Keshan disease; 6. The paradoxes about psychiatry; 7. On advice and consultation; Part II. Mental Health and Medicine: 8. Psychiatry in the framework of primary health care: a threat or boost for psychiatry?; 9. The limits of mental health care in general medical services; 10. The mental health adventure of the World Health Organization; 11. Mental health care for the elderly? Another thirty years to wait; 12. On words I like to hate; Part III. Psychiatry and Mental Health Programmes: 13. Assessing needs for psychiatric services; 14. Why are mental and neurological disorders not being prevented?; 15. The seven vices of psychiatry; 16. Brueghel's Everyman: a cover page for a book on research in psychiatry; 17. And then there were five ...; 18. Enabling; 19. Psychiatry in developing countries; Index.


'This book is a delight to read. By one of our leading international psychiatrists, it brings both wisdom and knowledge to bear on many key issues that the mental health movement currently faces ... this is a book to savour: it is enjoyable as a straight read ... but it is also a book for the bedside, to dip into from time to time ... this book is contemporary and inspiring, challenging psychiatrists to become more involved with the wider contextual milieu in which we operate.' British Journal of Psychiatry 'This book dignifies those who struggle with illness or care in families.' Psychology and Psychiatry
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