Daily Life of the Jews in the Middle Ages

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Though certainly not untouched by tragedy, the historical period of the Middle Ages was a dynamic and prosperous time for Jewish civilization; for despite the mass expulsions and periodic attacks that the Jews of the time suffered, they also managed prolonged periods of at least civil relations with the Christian and Muslim cultures that surrounded them, periods in which the Jewish culture at large produced great poetry and important philosophical and theological works, and made inspired contributions to mathematics and the sciences. Accessible to the general reader but enlightening also to the scholar, Norman Roth's account of the diverse and diffuse culture of Jewish daily life in the medieval world offers a direct look on this profoundly historical people, who through their unique relationship with the cultures that surrounded them touched obliquely on so much else in the world of the Middle Ages--as well as on that of the present day.


Norman Roth is Professor of Jewish History, Hebrew literature, and Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


"[D]esigned for high schoolers, undergraduates, and general readers whol have little background in Jewish culture or Jews in the Middle Ages. This book is not a history of Jews in the medieval period but instead focuses on aspects of Jewish culture and daily life, such as how the Jews lived and what was important to them as individuals and communities during this period." - MultiCultural Review
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