A Commentary to Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"

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August 2003



Of all the major philosophical works, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason is one of the most rewarding, yet one of the most difficult. Norman Kemp Smith's Commentary elucidates not only textural questions and minor issues, but also the central problems which arise, he contends, from the conflicting tendencies of Kant's own thinking. Kemp Smith's Commentary continues to be in demand with Kant Scholars, and it is being reissued here with a new introduction by Sebastian Gardner to set it in its contemporary context.


New Introduction by Sebastian Gardner Introduction by Norman Kemp Smith The Critique of Pure Reason Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition The Transcendental Doctrine of Elements The Transcendental Aesthetic Space Time The Transcendental Logic The Transcendental Analytic The Analytic of Concepts The Clue to Discovery of all Pure Concepts of Understanding The Understanding The Analytic of Principles The Schematism of Pure Concepts of the Understanding System of all Principles of Pure Understanding On the Ground of the Distinction of all Objects Whatever into Phenomena and Noumena The Transcendental Dialectic The Concepts of Pure Reason The Dialectical Inferences of Pure Reason The Paralogisms of Pure Reason The Antimony of Pure Reason The Ideal of Pure Reason Appendix to the Transcendental Dialectic The Transcendental Doctrine of Methods The Discipline of Pure Reason The Canon of Pure Reason The Architecture of Pure Reason The History of Pure Reason Index


Norman Kemp Smith and Sebastian Gardner


'It is a classic translation: easier to read than its competitors and less cluttered with superfluous notes. An ideal translation for teaching undergraduates.' - Dr Gary Banham, Manchester Metropolitan University
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