Making Sense of Lifelong Learning: Respecting the Needs of All

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Juni 2003



Making Sense of Lifelong Learning looks beyond the rhetoric about lifelong learning (LLL), and asks long overdue questions such as, Who is actually in need of LLL? What are the motives of institutions, employers and the Government in promoting LLL? And, who says what is and what is not LLL?In the context of the previous government attempts to enhance the economic strength of the country, the author also makes suggestions as to what might be done to encourage wider participation in LLL, particularly with regard to the increasing economic and social gaps in today's society. The considerable demographic changes to the workplace have affected the entire population, and yet employers, the government and the individual all have very different expectations from LLL. It is this previously unchallenged 'mismatch' that is one of the central themes of the book.


1. Introduction 2. Lifelong Learning; paradox, contradiction, rediscovery 3. Evolving a practice of Lifelong Learning 4. Catching up; who are the missing learners? 5. Motivational mismatches for Lifelong Learning 6. Towards a wider participation - encouraging it 7. Widening participation - doing it; government leading from the front 8. Postscript; Making sense of Lifelong Learning
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