Index to Fairy Tales, 1978-1986, Fifth Supplement: Including Folklore, Legends, and Myths in Collections

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Ireland and Sprug analyze 262 collections published between 1978 and 1986, with some 2,000 subject headings, plus copious cross-references.


Norma Olin Ireland (University of Akron; Western Reserve University Library School) has been a reference librarian and taught reference work at the University of Southern California Library School. She worked in the Cleveland Public Library's branch library children's departments. For many years she and her late husband owned and operated the Ireland Book and Library Service. She has published numerous books and magazine articles, as well as columns for magazines and local newspapers. Joseph Sprug (Catholic University of America) has worked for college, university, federal, and public libraries. For some ten years he taught indexing and other courses at the CUA Library School. He has published many books, edited a periodical index for years, and made indexes for more than 450 books. In July 1988 he retired from full time work to concentrate on indexing projects.


Subject headings are simple and easy to use, with liberal use of cross-references... Reference Services Review ...essential for university libraries serving literature, library science, or education curricula. School and public libraries will also find it useful. Booklist This well-organized, easy-to-read tool continues a series that has fulfilled a need for storytellers, teachers, librarians, and parents for over 60 years. American Reference Books Annual Recommended for public libraries, children's librarians, and folklore collections. CHOICE
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