Expected Role of Triage Nurse in Emergency Reception, In Egypt

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April 2015



The triage nurse must demonstrate the capacity for critical thinking in environments where available data is limited, incomplete or ambiguous. (College of Emergency Nursing Australasia, 2007). Ibrahim, (2005) and Afifi, (2006) reported that, there was no triage system in the emergency department at EL-Manial University hospital in Egypt as well as nurses' role is not of significant importance, in which the role of the nurse concerned only with writing reports and implementing physicians orders. Therefore, the previous studies recommended the developing of the triage nurse role to improve patient' conditions and reduce the complications of hospital stay because the moment makes difference between death and life, as this role provide life saving care. So, the researcher interested to explore the expected role of triage nurse and to spotlight on this role to enhance awareness of nursing and medical staff on the role of triage nurse, the current study findings will help decision makers to design triage nurse job description which reflected on nurses' empowerment.


Nursing - Cairo University.Dr. Nora Elsayed Mohammed is an assistant lecturer in Nursing Administration Department, where she serves as a member of team of the interns` training at neurosurgery critical care. She is a member of the coordinators team of the practical training for nursing administration course for the fourth level students
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