Counsellors' Experience with DV Women

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Mai 2010



This book was answered the three specific questions such as specific skills used by counsellors, counselling interventions activities used by counsellors and theories that underlying the interventions activities.Furthermore, in this book the author found that the individual and group counselling became the intervention activities used by participants. Then, the author also showed the participants used listening skills, space and reinforcement skills and non-specific skills in conducting counselling session with female clients who have experienced domestic violence; and that Narrative Therapy and Psycho-Educational Therapy underlie the theory used by respondents. Author also stated that, there is no difference in intervention activities conducted with women from different cultural background. From this book, the author found the skills and techniques consistently underlies theories. In conclusion, this author has wrote that there are common intervention activities for counsellors.


This book was described about the intervention activities in counselling for women who have experiences with domestic violence. Through this book, the researcher found skills and theories that underlying their experiences. This book is dedicated for counsellors and practitioners in social work in order to assist women with domestic violence.
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Untertitel: Exploring counselling intervention activities for female clients with Domestic Violence in Australia. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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