Seismic Damage Avoidance

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Mai 2008



This book provides a comprehensive and straightforward procedure for designing precast prestressed hollow core wall which is subjected to earthquake excitation. These wall panels without transverse reinforcement bars are designed to resist seismic loading as replacement for fixed-base precast wall panels in the construction of warehouse/industrial buildings. A design procedure for warehouse building using precast hollow core walls under Damage Avoidance Design (DAD) is proposed in this book. In addition, a risk assessment under Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE) is evaluated in this book using the latest computational tool known as Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA). A comparative risk assessment between precast hollow core walls and fixed-base monolithic precast wall panel is also performed.


Dr Nor Hayati Abdul Hamid has been working as a lecturer at University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia for 16 years. She completed her PhD from University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2006. She received her MSc (Construction Management & Structural Engineering) from University of NewCastle, United Kingdom in 1993 and her BSc (Civil Engineering) from University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A in 1989.
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