Introduction to Sustainability

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This book develops a supporting structure for sustainable development, following a natural set of steps to reach an established goal. It provides the tools to navigate this Road to a Better Future by explaining concepts, giving ideas, proposing methods, and suggesting actions. To illustrate the utilization of techniques there are many examples, applied to a variety of activities, and to wrap up concepts, the last chapter is dedicated to the analysis of a community in search of a sustainable environment. A thematic index has been designed to help a person quickly find information on relevant topics.


1: Basic Information on Sustainable Issues.-
2: The Culture of Waste.-
3: Sustainability in the Built Environment.-
4: Industrial Approach to Sustainability.-
5: Energy Sustainability.-
6: Measuring Sustainability.-
7: Sustainable Impact Assessment (SUIA).-
8: Case Example - a Community in Search of its Future.-
Appendix. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.


From the reviews:
"It suggests methods and tools to achieve our aim of total sustainability. The book has been written in a very clear, readable and user friendly style. The distinguishing features of the book would be the numerous appropriate case studies appearing throughout the book and the internet references appearing at the end of the chapter. ... The book contains many helpful tables. ... this would be a useful introductory effort that will appeal to decision makers and workers in different spheres of environmental activities." (V. Lakshminarayanan, Journal of Ecobiology, Vol. 18 (2), 2006)
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