Intrinsic Value: Concept and Warrant

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This book explores the justification of our beliefs about intrinsic value.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Value, Plurality, Parts and Wholes: 1. The Concept of Intrinsic Value; 2. The Bearers of Intrinsic Value; 3. Organic Unities and the Principle of Universality; 4. Higher goods and the myth of Tithonus; 5. Pleasure and its intrinsic value; 6. Consciousness, knowledge and the consciousness thesis; Part II. Naturalism, Nonnaturalism and Warrant: 7. The distinctiveness of intrinsic value; 8. Intrinsic value and modest a priori justification; 9. Coherence and experience; Appendices; Selected bibliography; Index.


"...the discussions of higher goods and moral epistemology are quite useful, and the book as a whole is valuable in offering an unusually systematic treatment of a central concept of ethical theory." Ethics "In each case the discussion is controlled and acute and the conclusions provide significant challenges." Canadian Philosophical Reviews "Despite its rather slender size, Professor Lemos's book is philosophically very rich." Paul Eisenberg, International Philosophical Quarterly
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