Alternative utilization of wood waste in developing nation Nigeria

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Dezember 2012



The economic disposal of wood residue, or non-lumber products (e.g. sawdust, short pieces of lumber, edging strips, etc.), is one of the most difficult problems within the wood products industry. Businesses are faced with few choices for disposal, let alone cost effective ones. Disposal by open burning, cheap landfilling, pushing over the side of the hill has been the existing practices in world, particularly in developing nations. Further, disposal of wood ash is more costly than in the past. Therefore, finding markets for these non-lumber products can be profitable. This book provided information on enormous quantity of wood waste utilization, towards reduction of environmental impacts from wood waste dumping. The conversion of sawdust to briquette charcoal as one of the alternative utilization of sawdust dumping and other specialty wood products from wood processing by-products were fully discussed. It ascertained the major disposal practices and utilization of wood residues in developing nations and highlighted the critical means of maximizing the economic values of these renewable resources.


Onwughara Nkwachukwu, M.Sc: Quality Assurance Inspector GSK Consumer Nig Plc, Agbara Ogun State. B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Industrial Chemistry at Abia State University Uturu, Nigeria, M.Sc. degree in Analytical Chemistry at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. He has made scholarly publications in the area of electronic waste, MSW and Water pollution.
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