Polaris and Scandinavia

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The plot in this Mystery-Drama is set at the height of the Cold War when the United States was about to introduce its retaliatory submarine-based Polaris missile into service. Not only Russia and America were the players here but countries like Sweden and Norway became unwitting pawns in the Game of the Superpowers. Extreme secrecy still surrounds the vital information concerning the nuclear powered and armed submarines that once ultimately guarded the safety of the Western World. By thorough research and professional deduction the Mystery is convincingly revealed and the plot unfolds in Washington, the Pentagon, Oslo and Stockholm. Much of the clues are found in the technical qualities and properties of the first generation of Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines themselves. Others are painstakingly exposed by diligent research in archives. Motives behind secret American Foreign Policy undertakings and extensive armament commitments towards Scandinavian countries are exposed for the first time. This will be of interest to all who are paying attention to Cold War history.


Nils Bruzelius, M.A., Captain (Ret) Sw.RN, Submarine commander, Lecturer at National Defence College, Stockholm.
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Untertitel: The Deployment of the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines and U. S. Policy towards the Scandinavian Countries. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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