Advanced Silicon & Semiconducting Silicon-Alloy Based Materials & Devices

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Presents important directions for research into silicon, its alloy-based semiconducting devices, and its development in commercial applications. This work focuses on both single crystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, covering the chemistry and technology of material fabrication, physics and material properties, and device applications.


Preface Introduction (J F Nijs). Single Crystalline Silicon and its Alloys: Heavy doping effects in Silicon (P/Van Mieghem and R P Mertens): Introduction; The physics of heavy doping effects; Brief review of heavy doping effects; Theories and models; Influence of HDE on Silicon devices; Summary; References. Defects in crystalline silicon (C Claeys and J Vanhellemont): Introduction; Structure of lattice defects; Electronic properties of defects; Device processing related defects; Metallic contamination and gettering; Impact on device properties; References.Molecular beam epitaxy of silicon, silicon alloys and metals (E Kasper and C M Falco: introduction; Electron beam evaporators and metals MBE;Silicon Molecular beam epitaxy (Si-MBE); Applications of Silicon MBE; References. Low thermal budget chemical vapour deposition techniques for Si and SiGe (M R Caymax and W Y Leong): Introduction; Prerequisites for low-temperature growth; Growth systems; Kinetics of CVD growth of Si and SiGe in SiH^O 4/GeH^O4 systems; Doping of low temperature Si and Si^O1-xGe^Ox layers; Selective epitaxial growth (SEG) of Si and SiGe; ^IIn-situ and ^Iex-situ characterisation; References. Materials properties of (strained) SiGe layers (J Poortmans, S C Jain, J Nijs and R Van Overstraeten): Introduction: Structure and stability; The Si-strained SiGe band alignments; The indirect bandgap of strained Si^O1-xGe^Ox; Transport properties and effective density of states in strained Si^O1-xGe^Ox layers; References. SiGe heterojunction bipolar applications (J Poortmans, S C Jain and J Nijs): Introduction; DC-behaviour of the double heterojunction bipolar transistor; Frequency and circuit performance of HBT's with strained Si^O1-xGe^Ox-base; Incorporation of strained Si^O1-xGe^Ox-layers in advanced bipolar technologies; Conclusions; References. Field-effect transistors, infrared detectors, and resonant tunneling devices in silicon/silicon-germanium and ^D*d-doped silicon (M Willander): Introduction; Field-effect transistors; Infrared detectors; Resonant tunneling devices; Summary; References. Crystalline silicon-carbide and its applications (T Sugii): Introduction; Physical properties; Crystalline SiC growth; Device application; Summary; References. Part Two: Polycrystalline silicon. Large grain polysilicon substrates for solar cells; (S Martinuzzi and S Pizzini) Introduction; Growth of polycrystalline (multicrystalline) silicon; The role of oxygen, carbon and point defects in polycrystalline silicon; Electrical properties of multicrystalline silicon wafers; Conclusion; References. Properties analysis and modelling of polysilicon TFTs (P Migliorato and M Quinn): Introduction; Structural properties and density of states; Effect of the DOS on the I-V characteristis; Current-voltage characteristics; Capacitance voltage characteristics; Electric field at the drain and "kink" effect; Conclusions; Appendix; References. Application and technology of polysilicon thin film transistors for liquid crystal displays (C Baert); Introduction; Application of polysilicon thin film transistors; Technology of polysilicon thin films; Polysilicon TFT device structure; Summary; References. The use of polycrystalline silicon and its alloys in VLSI applications (M Y Ghannam): Introduction; Deposition and structural properties of polysilicon; Technological properties of LPCVD polysilicon films; Electrical properties of polysilicon; VLSI applications of polysilicon; Other applications of polysilicon; Semi-insulating polycrystalline silicon (SIPOS); Polycrystalline silicon/germanium alloys; Biographical details. Keyword index.


..."should at least become a recognized text..." N D Young, Semicond. Sci. Technol uld at least become a recognized text..." N D Young, Semicond. Sci. Technol
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