Christianity and Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1830

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This book, first published in 2003, offers an accessible summary of religious history before and after the French Revolution.


Introduction; Part I. Later Eighteenth-Century Religion: 1. Church structures and ministry; 2. Beliefs, society and worship. The expression of Christianity in Europe, c.1750-90; 3. Intellectual challenges and the religious response; 4. Church and State; Part II. Revolution and its Aftermath: 5. Revolutions and the Churches: the initial impact; 6. The impact of the Revolution on religious life and practice, c.1793-1802; 7. Religion in Napoleonic Europe, 1802-15; 8. Religious revival after 1815?


Nigel Aston is a Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Leicester. His most recent book is Religion and Revolution in France, 1780-1804 (2000).


'Dr Aston's excellent study takes the form of a wide-ranging and concise survey of the fortunes of Christianity ... a highly authoritative and accessible analysis which will be of value to political, social and intellectual, as well as to ecclesiastical, historians.' History '... an excellent survey ... Nigel Aston's confident command of his material makes the book accessible for the student and general reader, for whom a useful glossary of technical terms is provided ... This is an outstandingly useful book for students and anyone wanting a broad account of Christianity in Europe c. 1750-1830.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History '... an accessible yet serious synthesis. Nigel Ashton has succeeded brilliantly. His presentation is concise and concentrated without being indigestible. His analyses are clear and trenchant, and backed up by a range of telling examples and data ... a praiseworthy achievement in a book with such a wide range, he draws his material even-handedly from across Europe, from Britain to Russia.' The European Legacy 'This ambitious book offers a comprehensive study ... Nigel Aston's scholarship is meticulous ... The unfussy style of the text is well suited to his task, and his judgements are invariably well-informed.' English Historical Review
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