Children with severe attachment disorders in Childhood

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Today, the important early bond between mother and baby is under stress. 3-5% of all children show signs of severe attachment problems, often leading to social problems and violent/ criminal behavior/ abuse later in life. Based on his more than 20 years of theory and personal practice in the field of attachment disorder, Dr. Rygaard's handbook of therapy provides the reader with a theoretical understanding as well as a wealth of suggestions for daily practice. Step by step, the reader is guided through a cross-scientific theoretical overview, the classic symptoms of disturbed attachment, and treatment at different stages of development, from preventive measures to ensure a healthy attachment early in life to treatment at different stages of personality development to adulthood. For each step, many examples from daily practice as well as checklists at different stages are given. Special sections on adoption issues, how to teach the AD schoolchild, sexual abuse and AD give tools and inspiration for the reader's design. The final chapters concern the personal development of the therapist as well as suggestions for designing the therapeutic milieu and teamwork. The book is equally useful to the professional practitioner as well asthe adoptive parent or foster family.


General Introduction PART I: AD Development form conception to adulthood Chapter 1: Causes and symptoms Chapter 2: Stages in self-organization Chapter 3: Contact disruption before age 2 - symptoms of physical instability Chapter 4: Contact disruption and nervous system development Chapter 5: Abnormal sensory-motor development in the toddler Chapter 6: Arrested emotional personality development PART II: Therapy Chapter 7: How can you practice milieu therapy? Chapter 8: Milieu therapy during pregnancy, birth up to 3 Chapter 9: Milieu therapy for the preschool child Chapter 10: Milieu therapy for the school age child Chapter 11: Daily life in the family, the foster family or the institution Chapter 12: Milieu therapy for the juvenile Chapter 13: Attachment disorder, sexual behavior problems and sexual abuse PART III: Guidelines for organizing the therapeutic milieu Chapter 14: The personal development of the AD caretaker Chapter 15: Developing the professional AD team Chapter 16: Methods for the AD teamwork Post scriptum and acknowledgements Literature


Rygaard, Niels Peter/ Clinical Psychologist, specialist approved by DPA (the Danish Psychologist Association)/Private practitioner, m.o. The International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ISSPD)

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