Make Poverty History: Political Communication in Action

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Januar 2009



An analysis of the production and consumption of the communications of Make Poverty History , a high profile episode of social movement protest in the UK. The book follows the campaign throughout its lifetime and explores how attitudes towards government and political opportunities influenced the negotiation of communications.


I: INTRODUCTION Introduction A Short History of Make Poverty History PART
II: THE PRODUCTION OF MAKE POVERTY HISTORY'S COMMUNICATIONS Make Poverty History as Brand The Tension between Marketing and Campaigning Radical Outsiders, Moderate Insiders PART
III: THE CONSUMPTION OF MAKE POVERTY HISTORY'S COMMUNICATIONS Collective Beliefs on Global Poverty Audiences and the Economic Justice Frame Why People Attended the G8 Rally Celebrities and the Construction of Communications Conclusion


NICOLAS SIREAU started as a financial journalist before moving into charity communications and fundraising. After being Director for Communications for international development agency Progressio, he moved to his current position as founding director of SolarAid, a new and fast growing NGO that uses solar power to fight poverty and climate change.


'Sireau's work is a rare example of an informed study of political campaigning from the inside. Its mix of first-hand observation and intellectual insight will make fascinating reading for both scholars and practitioners in the field of political communication.' - Aeron Davis, Senior Lecturer in Political Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

'Nick Sireau's case-study engages with central issues in the modern publicity process, in particular that complex interplay between political institutions, issue activism, the media and the public that 'campaigns' now involve. His analysis and arguments are illuminating for our wider understanding of contemporary public culture.' - Professor John Corner, University of Liverpool, UK

'Nick Sireau writes with skill and intellect from a valuable and almost unique perspective - close enough to have detailed and accurate knowledge, but removed enough from the experience right at the centre to be able to analyse dispassionately. I don't think this account of Make Poverty History will ever be bettered. Superbly informed, deeply insightful and fairly presented, the learning drawn out in this valuable book makes a fantastic contribution not just to future campaigning to end poverty, but to every social movement. Don't just read it. Encourage others to read it.' - Martin Drewry, Director of Health Unlimited

'...a timely must-read for all who work in development NGOs, and not just advocacy and campaigning staff and activists...this book is a rich resource of both factual background and analysis with key lessons for future campaigning, collective action, advocacy, communications and movement building.' - Glen Tarman, Advocacy and Representation Manager at BOND and co-founding Coordination Team member of Make Poverty History
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