The God Beyond Belief

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November 2006



This study of Professor William Rowe's defense of atheism on the basis of evil assesses the literature that has developed in response to Rowe's work, closely examining two strategies: mystery - the idea that God may have reasons beyond our comprehension for permitting evil; and theodicy - explanations as to why God allows evil to flourish. The book unearths difficulties in both, concluding that the God of theism must be "beyond belief."


Background to the Problem of Evil.- Rowe's Evidential Arguments from Evil.- What No Eye Has Seen: The Epistemic Foundations of Wykstra's CORNEA Critique.- CORNEA Applied to Rowe's Evidential Argument.- Further Objections to Rowe's Noseeum Assumption.- In Support of the Inference from Inscrutable to Pointless Evil.- The Problem of Divine Hiddenness.- Meta-Theodicy: Adequacy Conditions for Theodicy.- Theodicy Proper, or Casting Light on the Ways of God: Horrendous Moral Evil.- Theodicies for Natural Evil.- The Compatibility of Gratuitous Evil with Theism.- Conclusion: Is Rowe's Evidential Argument Successful?.
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Untertitel: In Defence of William Rowe's Evidential Argument from Evil. 'Studies in Philosophy and Religion'. Auflage 2007. Sprache: Englisch.
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