Database Design & Management Using Access

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November 2000



Databases are often viewed as the end product rather than as a tool in the work place. This book has been written to address this need, using straightforward examples and assessing different ways of storing information. It is a practical guide to collecting data and using Microsoft Access to transform it into useful information. Written for both Business Studies students and professionals, it adopts a functional approach which teaches theory by practical example. 'Jargon buster' sidebars explain the terminology related to database theory, while the revision questions at the end of each unit aid comprehension. This straightforward approach means that the text is ideal for self-study.


Nick Dowling is a consultant specialising in the development of database and office automation systems as well as teaching adult education classes in Access, Visual Basic and other application software products. He has a graduate diploma in Information Systems and has worked in many different countries.
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