Quantitative Aspects of Post-War European Economic Growth

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A quantitative account of European growth since 1950 which combines historical and economic expertise.


List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Preface; 1. Catch-up, convergence and the sources of post-war European growth: introduction and overview Bart van Ark and Nicholas Crafts; 2. Macroeconomic accounts for European countries Angus Maddison; 3. Sectoral growth accounting and structural change in post-war Europe Bart van Ark; 4. Measures of fixed capital stocks in the post-war period: a five-country study Mary O'Mahony; 5. Technology indicators and economic growth in the European area: some empirical evidence Bart Verspagen; 6. Human capital and productivity in manufacturing during the twentieth century: Britain, Germany and the United States Stephen N. Broadberry and Karin Wagner; 7. Convergence and divergence in the European periphery: productivity in Eastern and Southern Europe in retrospect Bart van Ark; 8. Convergence: what the historical record shows Stephen N. Broadberry; 9. Growth and convergence in OECD countries: a closer look Javier Andres, Rafael Domenech and Cesar Molinas; 10. On the historical continuity of the process of economic growth Theo van de Klundert and Anton van Schaik; 11. Europe's Golden Age: an econometric investigation of changing trend rates of growth Nicholas Crafts and Terence C. Mills; Index.


'For those readers with quantitative inclinations this volume is a must for their library shelves. It provides an excellent reference source for the statistical data alone, and it should also prove useful to students taking advanced courses, providing they have had some training in economic studies.' Economic History Review
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