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The authoritative reference on NEURON, a software program used by neuroscientists to create computer models used to study the function of biological neurons and neural networks. Written by the creator of the NEURON program, its main purpose is to teach readers how to use NEURON. Without assuming any previous computer-programming knowledge, it provides practical advice and full working examples to help users get the most out of NEURON. It will be an essential handbook for anyone working with NEURON in computational neuroscience, theoretical neuroscience, neurophysiology, and neuroscience.


Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. A tour of the NEURON simulation environment; 2. The modeling perspective; 3. Expressing conceptual models in mathematical terms; 4. Essentials of numerical methods for neural modeling; 5. Representing neurons with a digital computer; 6. How to build and use models of individual cells; 7. How to control simulations; 8. How to initialize simulations; 9. How to expand NEURON's library of mechanisms; 10. Synaptic transmission and artificial spiking cells; 11. Modeling networks; 12. Hoc, NEURON's interpreter; 13. Object-oriented programming; 14. How to modify NEURON itself; Appendix 1. Mathematical analysis of IntFire4; Appendix 2. NEURON's built-in editor; References; Epilogue; Index.


Nicholas T. Carnevale is Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Psychology at Yale University. He also directs the NEURON courses at the annual meetings of the Society of Neuroscience and the NEURON Summer Courses at the University of California, San Diego and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Michael L. Hines is Research Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at Yale University. His work is embodied in a program, NEURON, which enjoys wide use in the experimental and computational neuroscience community.

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