A Short Book about Love

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September 2003



Love in all its many guises is the subject of Nicholas Murray's collection of short fiction. Two distinct themes are prevalent throughout the pieces. The first is a humorous take on the classic and convoluted story of Tristan and Iseult, the paradigm of medieval love stories and template for so many other literary relationships. The second is the story of Felix, growing up in postwar Liverpool, moving from boy to man and learning the hard way about love. In between are narratives on love that stretch across Italy and Greece, and through Croydon and tabloid newspapers.


Nicholas Murray has written biographies of Bruce Chatwin, Matthew Arnold and Andrew Marvell, and has published a collection of poetry, Plausible Fictions. His poems, essays, articles and reviews have appeared in a wide variety of newspapers, magazines and journals. Born and brought up in Liverpool he now divides his time between the Welsh borders and his post at the British Library in London. His major biography of Aldous Huxley appears from Little, Brown in April 2002.


""Reminiscent of Kundera and of Theodore Zeldin, but owing noting to anybody but himself."
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