Philip Larkin: The Poems

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Mai 2007



Controversy rages around Larkin's character and life. This book takes a fresh look at his poems through close analysis, discussion of Larkin's major concerns and demonstrating how to approach these enigmatic works. It provides background information including an account of his life, discussion of cultural context and major critical views


General Editor's Preface.- How to Use this Book.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- PART I: ANALYSING PHILIP LARKIN'S POEMS: Hearing Larkin's Voices; Solitaire, Solidaire; Weddings and Work; 'Tilting a Blind Face to the Sky'; Travel, Skies and Observation; 'Double-yolked with meaning and meaning's rebuttal': Conclusions to Part I.- PART II: THE CONTEXT AND THE CRITICS: Larkin's Life and the Literary Context; The Historical Context; A Sample of Critical Views.- Notes.- Further Reading.- Index.


NICHOLAS MARSH previously taught English at Francis Holland School, Regent's Park, London, UK, and is Fellow of the English Association. He is author of the popular How to Begin Studying English Literature, now in its third edition and many titles in the Analysing Texts series, of which he is also the General Editor.


'The patient, detailed explication of individual poems and the careful concern for their stylistic qualities make this an ideal introduction to Philip Larkin's work.' - Stephen Regan, Durham University, UK
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