Post-Suburban Europe

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The term 'edge city' describes the rapid growth of urban centres at the edge of established cities. Widely discussed in the US, very little has been written about European edge cities. This book gives a comparative analysis of examples in Greece, Spain, Paris, Finland and the UK, with a theoretical analysis of edge cities and post-suburban Europe.


Preface Introduction Closer to the Edge: Function and Form in Post-Suburban Europe In Search of a European Post-Suburban Identity Kifissia: Playground of the Athenians? Getafe: Capital of the Gran Sur Noisy-le-Grand: A Grand Vision or Noise about Nowhere? Espoo: California Dreaming? Croydon: The Croydonization of South London? Post-Suburban Futures Notes Appendix References Index


NICHOLAS A. PHELPS is a Reader in Economic Geography at the University of Southampton, UK, with interests in urban and regional economics and planning. He is author of Multinationals and European Integration (1996), and is co-editor of FDI and the Global Economy (1999) and The New Competition for Inward Investment (2003). NICK PARSONS is a Senior Lecturer in the School of European Studies at Cardiff University, UK. He is author of Employee Participation in Europe (1997) and co-editor of Reinventing France: State and Society in the Twenty First Century (2003). DIMITRIS BALLAS is a Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield, UK. His research interests focus on economic geography and microsimulation and he has published articles in the journals Environment & Planning C, Population, Place and Space and Geographical Analysis. ANDREW DOWLING is a Lecturer in the School of European Studies at Cardiff University, UK, and has published articles in the International Journal of Iberian Studies, Journal of Catalan Studies and Regional and Federal Studies.

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