The New York Public Library Amazing Mythology: A Book of Answers for Kids

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"Search for the origins of fire with Mantis. Witness mighty Zeus as he employs a powerful thunderbolt to overthrow his tyrannical father in ancient Greece. Meet Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun who shut herself in a cave, leaving the whole world in darkness. Join the Valkyries as they roam through Scandinavian battlefields in search of brave warriors. Find answers to everything youve ever wanted to know about the intriguing mythologies from around the world . . ."How did Isis help Horus become king of all Egypt? See page 15. What was inside Pandoras Box? See page 28. How were the Olympic games started? See page 48. Who was Gilgamesh, and what was the purpose of his quest? See page 7. How did the powerful warrior Rama rescue his bride, Sita? See page 66. How was the silkworm created? See page 74. What is The Dreamtime? See page 84. How did Thor, the Norse god of thunder, regain his magical hammer? See page 99.THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARYs bestselling reference books include "The New York Public Library Desk Reference, The New York Public Library Book of Answers," and "The New York Public Library Students Desk Reference." BRENDAN JANUARY is the author of many nonfiction childrens books.Also in this series . . ."The New York Public Library Amazing Native American History The New York Public Library Amazing Hispanic American History The New York Public Library Amazing African American History The New York Public Library Amazing Women in American HistoryThe New York Public Library Incredible Earth The New York Public Library Amazing Space"


Middle Eastern and African Cultures: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa. Mediterranean Cultures: Greece, Rome. Asian and Pacific Cultures: India, China, Japan, Australia. Northern European Cultures: Norse, Celtic. North and Central American Cultures: North American Indian, Mesoamerican. Glossary. Selected Bibliography. The New York Public Library's Recommended Reading List. Index. Photography Credits.
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