Principles of Vibration and Sound

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Januar 2004



An ideal text for advanced undergraduates, the book provides the foundations needed to understand the acoustics of rooms and musical instruments as well as the basics for scientists and engineers interested in noise and vibration. The new edition contains four new chapters devoted primarily to applications of acoustical principles in everyday life: Microphones and Other Transducers, Sound in Concert Halls and Studios, Sound and Noise Outdoors; and Underwater Sound.


1 Free and Forced Vibrations of Simple Systems.
2 Continuous Systems in One Dimension: Strings and Bars.
3 Two-Dimensional Systems: Membranes and Plates.
4 Coupled Vibrating Systems.
5 Nonlinear Systems.
6 Sound Waves in Air.
7 Sound Radiation.
8 Pipes and Horns.
9 Acoustic Systems.
10 Microphones and Other Transducers.
11 Sound in Concert Halls and Studios.
12 Sound and Noise Outdoors.
13 Underwater Sound.
Selected Bibliography.
Answers to Selected Problems.
Name Index.


Thimas D. Rossing has taught musical acoustics for nearly 50 years, and has been active in research in this area for at least 30 years. In 1992 he was awarded the Silver Medal in Musical Acoustics by the Acoustical Society of America and his biography is included in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.


From the reviews of the second edition:
"This book is designed to serve as a text for an introductory course in acoustics for physics or engineering students. ... On the basis of its clear and concise exposition of a mix of basic and applied subject matter, I would recommend this book for consideration as a text in an introductory acoustics course. ... I again wish to acknowledge the overall excellence of Principles of Vibration and Sound as a solid text for introductory acoustics." (Arnold Tubis, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Vol. 116 (5), 2004)
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