Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, Revised and Expanded

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Januar 2003



Exploring the characterization, thermodynamics and structural, mechanical, thermal and transport behavior of polymers as melts, solutions and solids, this text covers essential concepts and breakthroughs in reactor design and polymer production and processing. It contains modern theories, end-of-chapter problems and real-world examples for a clear understanding of polymer function and development. Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, Second Edition provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of polymer science for more advanced study in the field of polymers. Topics include reaction engineering of step-growth polymerization, emulsion polymerization, and polymer diffusion.


Effect of Chemical Structure on Polymer Properties. Step-Growth Polymerization. Reaction Engineering of Step-Growth Polymerization. Chain Growth Polymerization. Reaction Engineering of Chain Growth Polymerization. Emulsion Polymerization. Measurement of Molecular Weight and Its Distribution. Thermodynamics of Polymer Fixtures. Theory of Rubber Elasticity. Polymer Crystallization. Mechanical Properties. Polymer Diffusion. Flow Behavior of Polymeric Fluids. Polymer Processing.


"Concise but still consistentthe authors show how it is possible to couple the laws of mass, momentum, and energy conservation with the knowledge on the fundamentals of polymer behaviorComplementary to the text, each chapter ends with selected problems which contribute to its better understandingThe book covers, in a systematic and clear presentation, the essential problems of polymer science[T]his book is a very useful material for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, professors, and designer engineers, as well as for the specialists working in the synthesis, processing, and polymer exploitation." - Memoriile Sectiilor Stiintifice, Vol. 4, No. 26, 2003
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