Design of Flyback Inverter for Solar Energy Conversion

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The photovoltaic power generation system is used widely in the residential and industrial purpose day by day. Its versatility and environmental friendly have made it one of the most promising renewable source of energy. The conventional methods used for the energy conversion need to be improved due to some drawbacks. Several researches are going on in the direction of cost and efficiency, the flyback DCM inverter has been emerged out as a low cost solution. However, the flyback DCM inverter operated under continuous conduction mode shows a better efficiency at low cost. Unfortunately, it causes unintended distortions in the output voltage and current. When connected to the grid under non-linear loads conditions it cause the voltage instability. In this book a new method of unfolding type H-bridge switching techniques are introduced in order to reduce those drawbacks. The output current and voltage distortions are reduced by the unfolding type H-bridge switching techniques.


Nayas Qudrathulla.P.P received the B.Tech Degree from the University of Calicut. He is currently pursuing Master Degree in Power Electronics and Drives in Paavai Engineering college,Anna University. He has published technical papers in various journals and conferences. His current area of research includes Electric drives,Inverters and power system
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