From Arab Nationalism to OPEC, Second Edition: Eisenhower, King Sa'ud, and the Making of U.S.-Saudi Relations

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August 2002



As OPEC approaches its 50th anniversary, the paperback edition of NathanJ. Citino's well-received study advances a challenging, revisionist interpretationof U.S.-Saudi relations and OPEC's historical significance. Citino re-examines therelationship between President Eisenhower and King Sa' d in the context of thetransition from British imperial hegemony to an American capitalist order in theMiddle East. He shows how the political realignment that resulted in OPEC ensuredthat wealth and power subsequently remained in the hands of oil-producinggovernments. Using American and British archives, corporate records, and Arabicsources, this work reinterprets the foundations of U.S. Middle East policy, themodern Saudi state, and the global politics of oil.


Table of Contents; Dedication; Note on Transliteration; Maps; Introduction; 1. A Dutch Uncle: The U.S. and Buraymi, 1952; 2. Old Soldiers: Eisenhower and Abd al Aziz ibn Sa'ud, January-November 1953; 3. Reaching a Crossroads: The U.S. and King Sa'ud, December 1953-November 1955; 4. A tangled Skein: Suez, December 1955-December 1956; 5. We Have Here an Opportunity: The Eisenhower Doctrine, January 1957-July 1958; 6. We Might as Well Believe in Arab Nationalism: OPEC and the Modern Saudi State, August 1958-December 1960; Conclusion; Guide to Abbreviations; Notes; Bibliography; Index


Nathan J. Citino is Associate Professor of History at Colorado State University.


A must read for scholars seeking to understand the origins of American relations with Saudi Arabia. Thorough... masterful... careful... compelling.--Douglas Little "Diplomatic History "
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