The Client-Consultant Relationship in Professional Business Service Firms

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Mai 2007



The interaction between clients and consultants during consulting projects is essential for their success and therefore for the long-term survival of consulting companies. The aim of this book is to further advance our understanding of the nature of client-consultant relationships. Building upon a critical discussion of the contributions and shortcoming of existing research, Natalia Nikolova proposes an innovative conceptual model, which provides a critical yet constructive platform for the development of a more differentiated view of professional work. The framework concentrates on the cultural and political relations between clients and consultants during service production. It represents a prolific platform for further research and provides practitioners with an increased awareness of hitherto under-explored issues of client-consultant relationships.This book is aimed at scholars of professional business service firms and those interested in multidisciplinary studies of human relations in general. It will also appeal to students interested in these areas and to clients and consultants involved in consulting projects.

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