Missing Persians: Discovering Voices in Iranian Cultural History

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November 2001



"Missing Persians" serves to articulate in elegant, vibrant prose the disparate, dispersed, and displaced narratives of five Persian subjects. Nasrin Rahimieh's complex and nuanced arguments effectively demonstrate her five figures's links to a stable Persian identity -- complicated by their experiences of travel, exile, conversion, and social change.Rahimieh delineates the captivating histories of "missing" Persians from the sixteenth century to modern times, and defines the arbitrary genetic boundaries that isolate Persian biographies, autobiographies, travelogues, and social histories. In her analysis, the author daringly and insightfully calls into question Western concepts of discipline.Even as it sheds new light on crucial points in cultural self-definition, Missing Persians offers a fresh look at traditional institutions, the role of women, and Persia's turbulent struggle to enter modernity on its own terms.


NASRIN RAHIMIEH is associate dean of arts and professor of comparative literature at the University of Alberta, Canada. She is the author of Oriental Responses to the West: Comparative Essays in Select Writers from the Muslim World.
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