Faithful Renderings: Jewish-Christian Difference and the Politics of Translation

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Dezember 2006



"Faithful Renderings" reads translation history through the lens of Jewish-Christian difference and, conversely, views JewishChristian difference as an effect of translation. Subjecting translation to a theological-political analysis, Seidman asks how the charged Jewish-Christian relationship--and more particularly the dependence of Christianity on the texts and translations of a rival religion--has haunted the theory and practice of translation in the West.
Bringing together central issues in translation studies with episodes in Jewish-Christian history, Naomi Seidman considers a range of texts, from the Bible to Elie Wiesel's "Night," delving into such controversies as the accuracy of various Bible translations, the medieval use of converts from Judaism to Christianity as translators, the censorship of anti-Christian references in Jewish texts, and the translation of Holocaust testimony. "Faithful Renderings "ultimately reveals that translation is not a marginal phenomenon but rather a crucial issue for understanding the relations between Jews and Christians and indeed the development of each religious community.


Naomi Seidman is theKoret Professor of Jewish Culture and director of the Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.


""Faithful Renderings" so dazzles with knowledge and insight that it is a daunting read. . . . Even more remarkable is the attentiveness to nuance, offering rich detail, for example, about debates in virtually every age over the spirit and letter in translation."--Mary C. Boys "Theological Studies "
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