Historical Dictionary of Greater Johannesburg

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This volume recalls the sacrifices and struggles that went into shaping Johannesburg. It shows, in entries on significant persons, places, events and institutions what Johannesburg is and what it can do. The text should convey the essence of the City, its landmarks and history.


Naomi Musiker (B.A., University of the Witwatersrand; H.Dip.Lib., Rhodes University, Grahamstown) has contributed numerous biographical articles for theDictionary of South African Biography and the Standard Encyclopaedia of Southern Africa. She is an experienced indexer who has worked for some of South Africa's leading publishers and indexed many important reference works.Reuben Musiker (M.A. University of Pretoria; B.Sc., University of the Witwatersrand; H.Dip.Lib., University of Cape Town) is currently emeritus professor at the University of the Witwatersrand where he was professor of Librarianship and Bibliography before retiring in 1991. In 1985 he was the first recipient of the SAILIS Award for Bibliography, and in 1996 this premier national award was renamed the Reuben Musiker Award for Bibliography in his honor. Both authors are residents of Johannesburg and South African citizens. Their previous publications include Southern African Bibliography (Scarecrow 1996).


There is an enormous quantity of information in this work, which the Musikers must have been amassing over many years...the book is so well and interestingly written... African Research and Documentation ...a highly useful reference book for academic researchers as well as the general reader...this obvious labour of love is most welcome. Journal Of African History The Musikers' Historical Dictionary of Greater Johannesburg, besides being a valuable reference, is a fascinating book to read...It adds much needed access to the history of black people in Johannesburg and their contribution to the life of this great city. H-Net: Humanities and Social Science Reviews Online The compilers are long-time students of the subject and have done a more than competent job. American Reference Books Annual
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